Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding


Dai family wedding

"Catch the pendulum yellow chicken stew" is the Xishuangbanna young men and women seeking love in the way of fresh rumors that the girl to take the yellow chicken stew on the market for sale, if the buyer is precisely the girl loved one, the girl will take the initiative to come up with a stool, let Sitting beside him, through conversation, as both fall in love, two of them carrying chickens, carrying a stool into the woods mutual spit Passions; if the purchaser is not a girl's girl, and the girl will double the asking price. "Eat a little wine," when men and women engaged in, the man went to the woman's home to lug food and wine dinner, when the guests dispersed, the man was accompanied by three companions and three male partner of the woman and the woman were put dinner table altogether. "Eat a little wine" stresses eat three courses: the first is hot; the second track to be salt and more; the third to have sweets. Said that hot, deep and sweet. To celebrate the completion of a new house new house, the first is the guy upstairs, carrying Tau, sing blessing songs, middle-aged man carrying a box, hold bedding married women, girls, carrying meals turn on, and then support a good tripod in the fireplace, swing Table Zhijiu prepare dishes, sing songs celebrate new home, folks also send some symbol of good luck to the owner of the gift.

The Yi wedding

After the young men and women engaged, we have to prepare the wedding. Wedding multi pig, chicken , lamb generally do not (funeral then use lamb). Southern Yunnan Shiping Yi people have invited men and women before marriage partner dinner swig of learning; western Yunnan Yi, who married married women, to be in the courtyard towel or Bazi, with branches scaffolding for guests drinking, smoking, eating, sitting folk put this temporary shed with sticks ride called "Green Shed"

Manchu Wedding

Manchu wedding both with strong ethnic characteristics, but also the integration of many Han ethnic customs and etiquette, generally speaking you want to go through the following programs: Engagement: Manchu young men and women engaged in two forms. First, parents of young men and women are acquaintances or friends, mutual understanding, and intends to do pro, he promised to give their children care matchmaker set for life, some male direction the woman to marry him, marry the man some female direction. Another is to both men and women do not know each other, care for their children engaged matchmaker, matchmaker forwarded by both the "gateway paste", issued by the two sides of flag rank and file, history, surname, three generations. Also, test each other birthdates.

Hmong wedding

Hmong people married, the bride and groom three nights in different places. Japanese girl married, the neighbors and sisters come together, singing songs seedlings, to express feelings of parting. When the man wedding, by the woman, "high affinity" (one each for men and women immediate family) to send the girl to the man, from the side door into the bridal chamber. Three days from morning till Xiangpei "female high affinity" adequate out houses, cakes and sweetmeats were in the room. Three days later, thanks to the parents, aunts, both the bride and groom to her family, saying "back door." "Back door" after the return, please seedlings teacher Ann "home first", and in this "case table" written on the new wife's name, indicating that the bride is the people of this clan. That night, the bride and groom before the same places.