Big Day

Big Day

Jubilee Plans All For You

Chinese Wedding Master

In order to make the whole wedding more harmonious and fortune, the Jubilee offers Chinese Wedding Master Services. Entire Chinese traditional wedding etiquette which known as “Six Ritual Three Books” including Hair-dressing Ritual, Send Dowry, Installation of New Bed, Tea Ceremony, Home Coming Ritual. Our professional Chinese Wedding Masters will arrange and prepare all stuffs required for etiquettes and remind Continue Reading


Little gifts are given to your relatives and friends as a sweet gratitude.

Costume and Styling

Costumes and Styling are very important to every bride that all guests’ attentions can be drawn on the big day. Jubilee wedding dress rental service includes, wedding gowns, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and etc. Together with abundant clothing designs, Jubilee’s professional make-up artists ensure to let our gorgeous brides exude natural beauty.

Master of Ceremony

How to make your wedding banquet exciting and completed successfully? Jubilee has a team of experienced master of ceremonies who has been presiding over hundred wedding banquets to ensure our coupons have a wonderful wedding.

Wedding Lawyer

Jubilee Wedding Lawyers are flexible to cooperate with each couple.

Wedding Cruise

If you want to have Victoria Harbour the sunset of Tsing Ma Bridge as the backdrop or for the background, Jubilee Wedding Cruises will be able to bring you a unique marine wedding!


No matter indoor, outdoor, floral continental decoration, classic castle stage or gorgeous and elegant style is requested; Jubilee decoration team can be tailor-made for the couple. Feature signature board, cardboard and all kinds of interesting decorating stuffs can also be provided.

Photography & Videography

You will be the Protagonists of the big days as our photographers will capture all your joyful and wonderful moments in photos and videos.

Wedding Car / Fleet

Let's celebrate!  Besides a large venue, all you need in transportation is just a call to Jubilee. Wedding Car Photos Decoration Photos Application for update schedule: