Marine tourism

Marine tourism

Hong Kong, surrounded by the sea, is a mountain of water, charming city. Want to enjoy the gift of nature gives the city the view from another angle, starting from the sea is definitely a right choice. Jubilee sea travel, every theory is to take you by the splendid views of Victoria Harbour, the city at night, or to the marine parks to enjoy nature bred rock Lin Xun, but also give you a new angle, travel to Hong Kong.

Dog-Party-On board

You want your baby pet, have the opportunity to try the taste of the sea swim?  Jubilee help you!

Corsair trip

Antique antique boat, just like being in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" scene. Hong Kong splendid night off, so you shuttling ancient sea.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat Race, the annual Dragon Boat Festival is the first heavy programs.  Hong Kong will be held in different locations, large and small dragon boat race.  Jubilee allows you to enjoy the sea floating up in the sink dynamism and a public boat athletes!

National Day Fireworks Display

Hong Kong celebrates National Day every year on October 1st. It marks the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1st, 1949 and is celebrated throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. The festivities include a host of activities such as Flag Raising Ceremonies and Parades, but the main showstealer is without a doubt the magnificent fireworks display in Victoria Harbour.