Eco-tourism Society (The Ecotourism Society) in 1991 for eco-tourism sectors under a widely accepted Note: tourism, "Eco-tourism is a kind of environmental responsibility, conservation of the natural environment and the continuation of the well-being of local residents for the development of eco-tourism in the final goals. "Jubilee with many large and small for a group of eco-tourism and let you enjoy nature coexist.

Ecological Education X Yediao cuttlefish

Travel summary:
1. Experience Eco Trail Lamma Island
2. along the way to enjoy the different eco-tourism resources, such as mudflats of fiddler crabs, mudskippers and Little Egret
3. evening night fishing cuttlefish in Hong Kong waters impromptu cooking delicious infinite

Sha Tau Kok Eco Education Tour

Travel summary:
1. visit to Hong Kong rare ecology, located at the border to explore more of the natural ecology, such as the ancient fort, watch egrets group, mangroves and Fung Hang
2. There are 56 villages in Sha Tau Kok, Sha Tau Kok and its nearby islands collectively known as Sha Tau Kok Rural Township
3. Hong Kong has only sporadic near the remnants of the latest data at Sha Tau Kok Lin Hung machine displays the existing 170 places in Hong Kong there are mangroves
4. Luk Keng indigenous inhabitants to Chen, Huang Zhu, blue four families headed by former village still preserved temples

Mulberry orchard, Liu Man Shek Tong ecological heritage tour

Travel summary:
1. to Mulberry farm, planting more than 300 trees insight mulberry mulberry orchard, you can visit their planting process can also enjoy a variety of products.
2. Liu Man Shek Tong Liao family greatest shrine, built in the Qing Dynasty, Qing recognize authentic life.

Mulberry orchard, aromatherapy garden barbecue music day tour

Travel summary:
1. Mulberry farm planting mulberry trees and more, can visit and understand the process of planting mulberry, tasting a variety of products.
2. pm to enjoy a barbecue lunch at Aroma Park, Le (basic package) and visit the garden of lavender, purple sea again experience the romance scene, and a personal introduction to the human body effect of lavender and commonly used formula.