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Hot Tours

Island Tour

Hong Kong has many outlying islands, Hong Kong people call it the "back garden." These garden to have a different theme, such as live music filled atmosphere of Lamma, simple fishing village of Tai O, defer rapid pace of life, stroll the island and enjoy the scenery along the way. Give you a moment of natural tranquility, let nature surrounded, so the body can get enough rest and spiritual purification.


Eco-tourism Society (The Ecotourism Society) in 1991 for eco-tourism sectors under a widely accepted Note: tourism, "Eco-tourism is a kind of environmental responsibility, conservation of the natural environment and the continuation of the well-being of local residents for the development of eco-tourism in the final goals. "Jubilee with many large and small for a group of eco-tourism and let you enjoy nature coexist.

Cultural Tourism

Hong Kong has the title of "Pearl of the Orient", all because she was East meets West, the existing strong oriental flavor, there was nurtured at the West. After years of baptism, Hong Kong has bred its own unique culture. Jubilee will take you to explore the other side of this bustling cosmopolitan city in Asia behind.

Marine tourism

Hong Kong, surrounded by the sea, is a mountain of water, charming city. Want to enjoy the gift of nature gives the city the view from another angle, starting from the sea is definitely a right choice. Jubilee sea travel, every theory is to take you by the splendid views of Victoria Harbour, the city at night, or to the Continue Reading

Getting Around

Both charming night, another intoxicating downtown; witness the East Hollywood legend, witnessed the Asian metropolis sensual.

Cruise Holidays

Let's enjoy a different cruise holiday!