Tourism conference activities

Tourism conference activities

Hong Kong is a convergence of multicultural modern city, messages, Transcend, such as rivers confluence. Geographically, our neighboring world's fastest growing economies, just provide an ideal platform for international organizations and professional bodies, and to establish links with Asia and the world in the same industry.

In addition, Hong Kong has more than 900 professional associations, many of which belong to international organizations, in close contact with the rest of the world, enough to attract global talent gathering in Hong Kong. Whether to hold any kind, any size meeting, Hong Kong is definitely well qualified.

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In addition, Hong Kong's world-class infrastructure, superior financial, legal and professional services, low and simple tax regime, so that Hong Kong has repeatedly ranked among the world's freest economy. Hong Kong has enthusiastic, seeking truth from facts and familiar business operations talent, coupled with improved protection of intellectual property rights and the exhibits entrance zero tariffs and other measures, natural make Hong Kong a great place to display products.! Favorable conditions for trade, the Hong Kong everything!

There are currently more than 6,000 companies have set up their regional headquarters or offices in Hong Kong, making Hong Kong an ideal place for buyers and sellers to negotiate and conduct business transactions.

Jubilee conference activities with different travel plans, in accordance with the requirements of the guests and the date and time of departure to tailor a trip to give the guests, together with our own fleet and fleet fit, definitely your faith election.