Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

With strong commitments to corporate social responsibilities, Jubilee is an active participant in many different aspects.

Environmental Procection

Represents Tour Bus Industry to promote “Park and Engine off” Campaign, and upgrades our fleet to new environmental friendly model to reduce harmful gases exhaustion

Customer Transport 

Co-ordinates for Tour Bus communications at then times when MTR incidents occur


Contributes in Public Bus Transportation policy with the Transport Department for the convenience of industrial operation.

Transport Safety

Promote NT South Transport Safety Campaign


Assist the handicapped and single parent companies for transport promotion and operation


Support for Community Fund, Sower Action and Salvation Army activities

Our efforts in promoting CSR are widely recognised.

Since 2010, Jubilee International Tour Centre Ltd. has been awarded the Caring Company logo for 5 consecutive years.  This award recognizes corporates for carrying out social responsibility including volunteer, donation, caring the employees and the achievement of environmental protention.  We will continue our corporation social responsibility efforts in the upcoming future.

On the other hand, Jubilee was honoured as the Manpower Developer 1st (MD 1st), in recognition of our commitment and outstanding performance in manpower training and development.  The Scheme aims to promote a corporate culture based on manpower training and development among organizations, heighten the awareness of the employers and employees of the importance of on-the-job training and continuous upgrading, and as a result, enhancing the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong.  Jubilee has been awarded this honour for 5 consecutive years.

And for environmental protection, Jubilee has been awarded the "Sectoral Awards" for 3 consecutive years from the "Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence" since 2010.  This recognition is a solid proof of our success in reducing gas emission from our fleet, as well as office environmental protection policy.

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